Wayne Durksen

Senior Agent

About Wayne Durksen

Wayne’s involvement in the financial services business for over 35 years has shaped a philosophy of money that enables individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to take control of the finances in their lives.

As a “Flow-Management Specialist” Wayne helps people understand how money flows and helps them replumb the flow so that money flows towards them rather than away from them. He believes it is absolutely crucial to understand the importance of taking control of the banking function in your life. Wayne is relentless in helping people understand that cash and capital are not synonymous! Capital has an acquisitive component to it. Capital has the ability to reproduce every single day of your life provided you protect and preserve it.

The Infinite Banking Concept is the most effective structure available on planet earth that allows people to own and control the banking function in their lives, allowing them multiple uses of a dollar while building a private reserve fund, and advantaging future generations. Wayne looks forward to serving you as you embark on your journey to freedom and true financial independence.

Wayne’s beautiful wife, two daughters and five grandkids provide the impetus for living each day with purpose! Teaching them how to create wealth with generous hearts to serve others is invigorating!
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