Joe Belli

Senior Agent

About Joe Belli

Joe is a seasoned insurance agent with a 20-year career specializing in disability insurance. With a passion for providing financial security and peace of mind, Joe has dedicated the last two decades to helping self-employed business owners and families navigate Disability and Life Insurance.

Throughout his career, Joe has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges that individuals face when it comes to protecting their livelihoods in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Joe is a grateful husband and proud father to 3 children. He understands the importance of safeguarding the well-being of his loved ones, inspiring his commitment to providing the same level of care and dedication to his clients’ families.

His clients appreciate not only his wealth of knowledge but also his genuine concern for their welfare. He believes in building long-lasting relationships, always putting the best interests of his clients first.

Joe is excited about his new opportunity with infineo and is looking forward to learning and growing in his new role.
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